Full Keywords Research
in few minutes

Just enter your domain. And our algorithm do the rest:
  • Collect Semantic Core: ~ 14 000 Keywords in average
  • Clusterize keywords by topic
  • Find missing topics: (ideas for articles and other URLs)
  • Find missing keywords and ranking problems in Google
  • Find many other ways to increase SEO-traffic
  • Automatically in few minutes. Just Enter your domain:
You can try it for Free, without registration, phone, credit card. Just enter your domain.
What will you find out in a few minutes?
~14,224 Keywords
We will collect a semantic core for your site with an average of 14K keywords. Our algorithm only needs to know your domain.
To make it simple to study such a large number of keywords, our algorithm will group keywords by topic (URL).
Missing Topics
See topics that you do not have on your site. And evaluate the SEO traffic you will receive after adding them.
Missing Keywords
See keywords you missed. But your competitors do not and receiving SEO-traffic from these phrases.
Ranking Problems
See URLs and keywords that rank worse than others. And get an estimate of the traffic you're losing because of it.
Сompetitive Analysis
Our algorithm will show your competitors in SEO. Their traffic, keywords, topics and URLs.
  • 215,214,780,700
    We have 215B Google-positions in our BD. We are know what keywords site ranking
  • 14,224
    We find an average of 14K keywords for domain, thanks to its competitors' keywords
  • 31 missed topics
    Average number of missed high traffic topics we find per a site
  • 47 seconds
    Average time to generate all reports
How It Works
Just enter your domain
You can try it for free. Without registration. No credit card, email and phone needed. Just your domain )
We grab keywords of your competitors
We have database with 215 000 000 000 search engine positions. We find SEO-competitors and they keywords
Automatic Clusterization
Our complex algorithm uses Bayesian statistics, machine learning and AI to group auto-collected keywords into topics.
Traffic Forecast
We see how your rankings in Google are higher or lower than your competitors. We also know the frequency of keywords. Thanks to this, we can predict the traffic you will receive when adding a topic (URL) and in many other cases.
Personal Recommendations
For example, you will find missing on your site topics and keywords. Аnd how much traffic you are losing because of this. And that's not all. You will also see competitive analytics and ranking issues and much more.
How to Increase Traffic
See Missing Topics report: ideas for new articles, blog posts, categories and other URLs. With SEO-traffic forecast.
Write the articles yourself or order them from your copywriter. Add them to your site.
In a few weeks, Google will index them and your site traffic will increase.
Keywords Research before TopicHunter
You need:
  • collect keywords
  • clusterize keywords by Topics
  • find missing topics (URLs)
  • find missing keywords
  • prioritize URLs creation/editions
  • check positions
  • and much more...
few days
Keywords Research with TopicHunter
You need:
  • enter domain
few minutes
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Missing Keywords
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