International market makers for cryptocurrency exchanges
A reliable liquidity provider for expanded crypto investments
2 Alpha Capital – your trusted provider of market making services. We specialize in algorithmic trading (HFT) and are actively involved in the low liquidity pairs market, commonly known as 'shit coins'. If you need a reliable service provider, we're here for you.
Why 2 Alpha Capital?
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    More than 5 years of experience in the market
    We have been active in the cryptocurrency sector for five years and have gained a great deal of experience and expertise in the financial markets. We adapt quickly to new industry trends.
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    Partnership with
    40+ exchanges
    We work with over 40 leading cryptocurrency exchanges, giving our clients access to a wide range of markets and opportunities.
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    Trading 4344 coins on 15383 trading pairs
    We trade 4344 different cryptocurrencies in 15383 trading pairs and thus offer a large selection and market depth for optimal investment decisions.
What do we offer?
To exchanges
Trading pairs with high spreads
We provide liquidity where it is needed most – in high-spread pairs. Most of our competitors avoid these pairs due to the low trading volume and special conditions.
Optimization of the server load
Increasing the API usage limits (ratelimits) allows us to offer you and your clients lower spreads. Most of the load we generate falls on servers with available resources, as we work with pairs that are rarely traded.
Trading with liquid pairs
If the exchange offers us special commission conditions for market making, we also trade on liquid pairs. Otherwise, we have little chance of competing with market makers who have significantly lower commissions or even receive a discount.
To the creators
of crypto coins
Classic market making
Our main activity revolves around algorithmic trading with market-making strategies. However, we can also act as traders alongside cryptocurrency producers, providing liquidity, trading volume, price support, and increasing coin value, among other things. Our clients also benefit from the spread between buy and sell offers (classic market making).
Cooperation with various exchanges
We can work on almost all major exchanges, about 100 reliable platforms. For example Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex.
Cooperation with third- and fourth-tier exchanges
In some cases, we can arrange listings on several dozen third- and fourth-tier exchanges. This allows your marketers to use the high level of the exchanges as proof of their reliability (social proof).
To job seekers
Basic: Knowledge of Node.js or C++
Since our work is unique, we don't need any specific technologies. Knowledge of Node.js or C++ is sufficient.
Advanced: CCXT, FIX/FAST, Trading Bot Development, HFT Systems
We are willing to pay more to those who have experience with CCXT, FIX/FAST, trading bot development, or HFT systems.
Knowledge of English is not essential. You can work remotely or in the office in Odessa. Salary is paid once a week.
Our mission is to provide liquidity where it is most urgently needed.
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